Exit This Roman Shell! A Fall Playlist.

Hello again friends. It’s been a while.

The last time I posted a stand-alone tribute such as this was two years ago when Bowie left us. The sad news of the death of Mark E Smith this evening justifies another tribute to true genius.

You either ‘get’ The Fall or you don’t. There’s no grey area, no dipping in and picking a few favourite tunes. It may take some time, but once Smith gets under your skin, he’s there for life. It took me a while to let him in, my mid twenties in fact. I’d hitherto found that wonderful and frightening sound far too abrasive for my tastes, far too challenging. but here, twenty years later, I can’t remember a time when that vast catalogue of oblique, twisted music wasn’t in my life. Smith challenged, right up to his inevitable but nevertheless untimely passing. Once you embrace challenges you open up a whole new world. I’d like to thank the curmudgeonly old sod for that life lesson.

Above is a playlist I compiled as an introduction to The Fall for a friend a few years back. If you’re familiar with the group then it may help you through todays sad announcement. If you’re bringing fresh ears, prepare to be confused, irritated, beguiled, bothered and bewildered, but hopefully, ultimately, enlightened.

Long live The Fall, Northern white crap that talks back.

Andrew Orley.


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