Nobody’s Listening. No.100. 18.12.17.

Nobody’s Listening Facebook Page.

Hullo. So here we are, your final weekly playlist and blog. When I began compiling these things just over two years ago I never intended to run as long as I did, yet here we are at number 100.

Various commitments dictate that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the time to compile and compose the bloody thing so I’m putting it to bed for now.

It’s not necessarily the end. I may or may not return at some point in the new year with a less frequent format, but it’s definitely the final weekly portion of choice sounds.

For our last collection of choice cuts, I’ve decided to go with a ‘Greatest Hits’ package and while I hesitate to call it a ‘Best Of’, each selection is a stand-out from its respective issue.

Here you go then, almost eight hours of music comprising of 100 tracks, one from each of the previous 99 NL’s and a final soul slowie closer to round things up.

Come on…

NL. No.1. Thieves In Antigua by BC Camplight.

NL. No.2. Marfa Lights by Steelism.

NL. No.3. Divine by Sébastien Tellier.

NL. No.4. Love In Outer Space by Sun Ra.

NL. No.5. Bell Star by The Marketts.

NL. No.6. Out Of Town by The Memory Band.

NL. No.7. Touch by Daft Punk/Paul Williams.

NL. No.8. I Wanna Be Where You Are by Michael Jackson.

NL. No.9. Jumble Sale by Jake Thackray.

NL. No.10. Baby Britain by Elliott Smith.

NL. No.11. This Is What She’s Like by Dexys Midnight Runners.

NL. No.12. Dub Organizer by Augustus Pablo.

NL. No.13. Until We Die by Max Tundra.

NL. No.14. If It Wasn’t For The Nights by ABBA.

NL. No.15. Truly Julie’s Blues by Bob Lind.

NL. No.16. The Rhinohead by Von Südenfed.

NL. No.17. Gut Feeling by DEVO.

NL. No.18. The Train From Kansas City by The Shangri-Las.

NL. No.19. El Llorar by Kronos Quartet.

NL. No.20. Raga Bairagi by Charanjit Singh.

NL. No.21. It Takes A Muscle (To Fall In Love) by Spectral Display.

NL. No.22. Jazzy Sensation by Afrika Bambaataa.

NL. No.23. Tezeta (Nostalgia) by Mulatu Astatke.

NL. No.24. What A Fool Believes by The Doobie Brothers.

NL. No.25. Come On Home by Everything But The Girl.

NL. No.26. Cold Cold Heart by Tommy McLain.

NL. No.27. The Stars Keep On Calling My Name by Mac Demarco.

NL. No.28. Night And Day by Django Reinhardt.

NL. No.29. Bad Girl (Part 1) by Lee Moses.

NL. No.30. Golden days by Whitney.

NL. No.31. With The Ink Of A Ghost by José González.

NL. No.32. Everyday by Diane Coffee.

NL. No.33. Take Your Burden To The Lord by Washington Phillips.

NL. No.34. Don’t Falter by Mint Royale.

NL. No.35. I Pity The Country by Willie Dunn.

NL. No.36. She Was A Question by August Wells.

NL. No.37. Big Fat Mama by Four Vagabonds.

NL. No.38. In And Out Of The Shadows by Dion.

NL. No.39. Mas Que Nada by Oscar Peterson.

NL. No.40. Mind How You Go by The Advisory Circle.

NL. No.41. Para Qué Sufrir by Natalia Lafourcade.

NL. No.42. Walk On By by Isaac Hayes.

NL. No.43. Southern Nights by Allen Toussaint.

NL. No.44. Samba De Uma Nota So by João Gilberto.

NL. No.45. Bros by Panda Bear.

NL. No.46. And When I Die by Laura Nyro.

NL. No.47. Up So Fast by Young Man.

NL. No.48. Loving You by Matt Costa.

NL. No.49. Trans-Pennine Express by Warm Digits.

Part 2 to follow…


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