Otis Redding; photo courtesy Zelma Redding

Nobody’s Listening. No.94. 6.11.17.

Nobody’s Listening Facebook Page.

Hullo. It’s a pretty downbeat NL that greets you this week due to the recent loss of our faithful hound Wilson. As any pet owners will understand, our beasts are much, much more than mere animals and they leave a massive hole behind when their all too short lives come to an end. With this in mind, I don’t feel like chatting too much this week, so I’ll leave you with ten tunes that capture my current mood. Don’t worry, none of the following are mawkish, maudlin or specifically sentimental (No “Old Shep” here) but each one has helped me through a horrible seven days.

Paulo is taking a break this week, but rest assured, he will return with his pick of the week for Nobody’s Listening No.95. where normal service will resume.

Track 1. So Long Without You by Bent.

Track 2. When Poets Dreamed Of Angels by David Sylvian.

Track 3. Code by Jane Weaver.

Track 4. Lonesome Town by Ricky Nelson.

Track 5. The Tea Song by Michael Hurley.

Track 6. Pretty Girl Why by Buffalo Springfield.

Track 7. Soul Serenade by King Curtis.

Track 8. The Flow by Melanie De Biaso.

Track 9. Be That Easy by Sade.

Track 10. You Don’t Miss Your Water by Otis Redding.

And with that, I’ll say one last “Night-night bonny lad”. It was a pleasure to have loved you for the last ten years.x

Andrew Orley.


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