Various - 1964

Nobody’s Listening. No.71. 17.4.17

Nobody’s Listening Facebook Page.

Hullo. I mentioned last time that I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find the opportunity to furnish your lugs with a playlist this week but I’ve managed to squeeze one in for you. As you’re all probably busy with the annual egg-exchange day celebrations, I shall attempt to sum up each pick in three words or phrases as not to eat into your precious time.

Of course, my very good friend, bandmate and trouser press engineer Paul D’Cruz is here also.

Hey. Ho. Let’s go..

Track 1. I Dig Girls by Bobby Rydell.

Teen Idol. 1959. B-side.

Track 2. Pockets by Four Tet.

Electronica. 2006. Squelchy.

Track 3. I’ll Be loving You by The King Khan & BBQ Show.


Canadian. Kooky. Brilliant.

Track 4. Ancient Robots by Conspiracy Of Owls.

Detroit. Bubblegum. Harmonies.

Track 5. Boy Don’t Be Afraid by 79.5.

Pop. Sunshine. Girls.

Track 6. Care by Kaada.

Norwegian. Woo-wop. Cut n paste.

Track 7. Prism Song by Julie Byrne.

Delicate. Nu-folk. Buffalo.

Track 8. Stay by Bernard Butler.

Overlooked. Solo. Lush.

Track 9. High On Your Love by Kings Go Forth.

Milwaukee. Ten-piece. Retro.

Track 10. Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide by Marvin Gaye.

Motown. Debut. Genius.

There. You. Go.

Normal. Service. Resumes.

Friday. Next. Week.

Until. Next. Time.

Enjoy. The. Silence.

Andrew. Neil. Orley.


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