Nobody’s Listening. No.50. First Birthday Special. 31.10.16.

Hullo. I’ve been making compilations since my mid teens. Back then they were called compilations, none of this Americanised ‘Mix tape’ business. Cassettes were followed by CD-R’s then itunes and eventually Spotify. Sometimes they were passed on to friends, others for my own enjoyment to relieve a boring commute to work or a particularly long journey, and then there were the times I’d bang a few tunes together to enjoy in the company of others.

There has never been an agenda to them, all a song had to do to make it onto these compilations was catch my ear and make me want to hear it again. I’ve never been the sort to dismiss a genre or style. Yes, music is subjective and blah blah blah, but I believe there is something to love in every single playlist I’ve ever cobbled together.

When I conceived Nobody’s Listening it was primarily a tool to share songs with others, a sort of ‘I listened to this and liked it, maybe you will too’ kind of thing. And that’s it. Here we are, a year on from Playlist number one, and while it’s not exactly the largest read and listened to blog and playlist series, (the name itself is self deferential, as I never expected anyone to actually bother listening!), there is a core following that make it a worthwhile venture. Stick around until the end credits for thankyous.

Ok then, what’s this week’s birthday carry on all about then? Well, I’ll tell you..

Initially I was planning on an NL ‘Best Of’, picking a track from each of the preceding 49 lists. Then I thought, nah, that’s lazy man, so I came up with an alternative.. The keen eyed among you will notice that the title of each blog is a lyric from that particular weeks cover star, but the actual song it’s taken from doesn’t feature on the playlist. Confused? bear with me…

It was all an accident really. The first blog accompaniment for the playlist had to have a title, and as it featured Nina Simone, ‘A New dawn, A New Day’ seemed appropriate. It just went on from there, as a way of sneaking in an extra track for anyone who could be bothered to paste the title into a search engine.

So, ladles and jellyspoons, each of the following fifty tracks are those very songs. Apart from the last eight which are cherry-picked from the first eight playlists as the blog didn’t exist until NL. No.9 you see. It’s all a bit of a mess really isn’t it? 

There’s no more blather from me this week, to comment on fifty songs when I’ve already spoke at length about the artists would be laborious for me, and tedious for you. I will include the lyric however, so if you have a bell handy you can give it a hearty ding when you hear it within the song.

Oh, one more thing, You may notice that the spotify playlist is shy of a few tracks as they’re not available on the platform, but the vids will be below.

Ok, Let me show you, let me show you the way to go…

NL. No.50. ‘The Sun Machine Is Coming Down, And We’re Going To Have A Party’

NL. No.49. ‘Strong, True, My Eyes Ain’t Blue. I Am The Woman Of The Ghetto’

NL. No.48. ‘Get Out Of Sour Milk Sea, You Don’t Belong There’

NL. No47. ‘All Of These Stories Will Pass Through Time. All These Verses And Rhymes. All These Heroes And Crimes’

NL. No.46. ‘We’re Souls Of Crazy Mirth, We Are The Last Inhabitants On Earth’.

NL. No.45. ‘Won’t You Tell Your Dad Get Off My Back? Tell Him What We Said ‘Bout Paint It Black’

NL. No44. ‘Don’t You Know That Crew Cuts And Trainers Are Out Again?’

NL. No.43. ‘Ring All The Bells, Sing And Tell The People That Be Everywhere That The Flower Has Come’

NL. No.42. ‘Hide Your Horses, Hold Your Tongue, Hang The Rich And Spare The Young’

NL. No.41. ‘At The Office Where The Papers Grow, She Takes A Break’

NL. No.40. ‘I Laughed So Hard Inside Myself, It All Began To Hurt’

NL. No.39. ‘These Are The Good Old Days’

NL. No.38. ‘The Bird With Feathers Of Blue, Is Waiting For You, Back In Your Own Back Yard’

NL. No.37. ‘Saving Nickles, Saving Dimes, Working ‘Til The Sun Don’t Shine’

NL. No.36. ‘Look At A Car Park For Two Days, Look At A Grey Port For Two Days, Train Line, Stone And Grey’

NL. No.35. ‘You Already Captured My Heart And My Soul, Now I Want You To Take Full Control’

NL. No.34. ‘Beat Me ‘Til I’m Blue’

NL. No.33. ‘What I’ve Got They Used To Call The Blues’

NL. No.32. ‘Do Your Thing! Be Fancy-Free To Call The Tune You Sing’

NL. No.31. ‘A Life Of Sanity And Dignity, You Know It Takes Two. And What’s The Use Of Being A Millionaire, If I Can’t Have You?’

NL. No.30. ‘I Fell In Love With A Punk And She Took My Breath’

NL. No.29. ‘Have Some Supper And Let The Evening Pass By. By Playing Records, Beside A Groovy Hi-Fi’

NL. No.28. ‘Still I’m Glad For What We Had And How I Once Loved You’

NL. No.27. ‘I Gotta Telephone In My Pajama, And Can Call You From My Heart’

NL. No.26. ‘The Need To Play Grew Up With The Admiring Of Those In Diminished Clothes’

NL. No.25. ‘Well Don’t You Think That Girl’s Kind Of Pretty? Pay Her A Compliment When It’s Due’

NL. No.24. ‘And We’ll Be Golfing For Our Charities, Playing Bingo With Our Memories’

NL. No.23. ‘What You Want To Spank Him For? He Didn’t Drop No Apple Core’

NL. No.22. ‘We Are Gonna Take You Higher, With Ghetto Brother Power’

NL. No.21. ‘Love Is A Lonesome River, Running Through A Lonesome Mind’

NL. No.20. ‘Who’ll Be The First To Test His Gun? Who’ll Be The Last To See The Ground?’

NL. No19. ‘I Am The Past, A Glint In The Eye. A Million Hellos, And One Less Goodbye’

NL. No.18. ‘Check That Expiration Date, Man. It’s Later Than You Think’

NL. No.17. ‘Passing Dreams Too Quickly Fade, All Are Lost When We Awake’

NL. No.16. ‘Told Me Love Was Too Plebeian, Told Me You Were Through With Me’

NL. No.15. ‘Lately Sparkling Hosts Come Fill My Dreams, Descending On Fiery Beams’

NL. No.14. ‘A Troubled Cure, For A Troubled Mind’

NL. No.13. ‘And I’m Not Ashamed To Admit, I’ve Been Uncool, I’ve looked A Fool’

NL. No.12. ‘At Dawn, Sit At The Feet Of Action. At Noon, Be At The Hand Of Might. At Eventide, Be So Big That Sky Will Learn Sky’

NL. No.11. ‘Enlist Every Ounce Of Your Bright Blood’

NL. No.10. ‘Singing ‘Cathy’s Clown”

NL. No.9. ‘A New Dawn, A New Day’

NL. No.8. ‘Just keep On Running, For The Morning’

NL. No.7. ‘Home, Hold On. If Love Is The Answer, You’re Home’

NL. No.6. ‘When I Saw Your Face Re-arranging, I Back-Tracked, Said No, That’s Not What I Meant’

NL. No.5. ‘State Led Collaborations Collapse And Cannabis Evaporates, Honey’

NL. No.4. ‘And I’ll Still Be Whistling Dixie Alone, Wondering When Will It Start?’

NL. No.3. ‘He’s Drilling Through The Spiritus Sanctus Tonight’

NL. No.2. ‘Please See That My Grave Is Kept Clean From All The Flotsam and Dead Fallen Leaves’

NL. No.1. ‘Some Folks Think You’re Happy, When You Wear Your Smile,
What About Your Tribulations, And All, All Of Your Trials’

Well. That’s the first year done with. What does the future hold? More great music, that’s what.

Before I go, I’d like to take a little time to thank a few people for their support over the last twelve months. So, in no particular order..

Paul D. Brazill. A fervent supporter of this folly. Muchos gracias for all your kind words and shares.
Rachel Warner. You’ve been there since the very beginning and always take the time to ‘Not Listen’.
Paul Garner. Thank you, my old mate, for spreading the love week after week.
James Dryden. Consistent sharer, beloved friend. Tiny french cat.
Shaun Dowd. Always supportive and appreciative of the effort I put in. Ta mate.
Ron Musgrove. For setting me on the right path with a C90 titled ‘Odds N Sods’ (Not the Who comp) all those years ago.
David Morfoot. One of my oldest friends, thanks for your shares old pal.
Johnny Mohun. Thanks for your comments and the time you take to listen with your busy and sophisticated ears.
Nick Bozinakis. Gentleman and invaluable poster to our facebook page, a pleasure to make your acquaintance, sir.
Elly Rooney. Old school friend and consistent sharer of the blog. Your support is much appreciated.
Ste Mailen. Your likes are always a pleasure to see, moomin.
Chris Wallace. Keep on, Chrissmass. I’ll See you tonight for B.W.
Andrew Suthern. Cloth eared doyle who would feel left out if I didn’t mention him.;-)
Mark Ness. Thanks for your lovely words, kidder.
Todd Mason. Many thanks for including the blog in your excellent monthly round-up.
Kate Laity. A woman of great taste, thanks for your support.
Kim Orley. Wife, best mate and maker of smashing pizza.

And last but not least, my very good friend, bandmate and contributor, Paul D’Cruz. He really has done all those things I’ve said he has you know.

Apologies to anyone I’ve missed, you should know you’re all quite, quite lovely.

I’ll see you for Nobody’s Listening No.51 in seven days time.

Until then, thank you for the music.

Andrew Orley.






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