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I was scared of David Bowie when i was a kid. He always seemed otherworldly. Images he had carefully constructed then destructed over and over again were confusing and frightening to these young eyes. Indeed my four year old son asked me  just last year, ‘Is David Bowie a man or an animal?’ And so the width of a circle came around again.

I was about ten years old when it clicked. I received a walkman for Christmas, and, having precious few cassettes available to road test my new exciting gift, i stumbled upon a discarded, label free blank tape.

On one side was The Who’s amazing ‘Who’s Next’ but on the other were songs that made me. It was 1972’s ‘Hunky Dory’, and a journey had begun.

Both my sisters were already massive Bowie fans, but who listens to the same music as the silly girls who just happen to share a house with you? Well, me. Thanks Deb and Jo.x

I could go on with countless anecdotes about Bowie and how he touched my life. Even small insignificant touches like the time i was in a nightclub in Manchester with Kim about ten years back. ‘Queen Bitch’ came on, and both drunk as hell, we took to the dancefloor, the only two people on there but it didn’t matter. Anyone who knows us would agree this isn’t something we’d normally do, but it was Bowie man, he could make you forget any reserve.

This morning’s news was a punch to the gut, particularly as it seemed he was approaching a new stage in that ever-evolving career with the brilliant ‘Black Star’.  As it happens it was his swansong. He left us but he took the time to say goodbye. The mark of the man.

Above is a playlist featuring a track from each of his LP’s. It has served me well this morning, even whilst walking the dog with my head down so nobody could see my red eyes. I hope it goes some way in saying thank you David.

Rest easy Starman.x


Andrew Orley.


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